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QDPL Profile (PDF Format)

December 11, 2015

QDPL has become a JV Partner with "Stotz Fredenhagen Industries" Spain.

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November 30, 2015

QDPL has successfully & safely completed it's jobs of "Execution of Lumps Recycling Unit and Larger Repulper Tank RVDF-B at NP Plant, Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited, Sadikabad".

About Us

Quantum Dynamics (Private) Limited "thereafter QDPL" target is to be become a world-class construction company with brand as forerunner management as base. Personnel as core. Renovation as power, mechanism as guarantee, information as breakthrough and culture as guide. QDPL is proud that with the blessings of almighty Allah, it is moving fast towards it's splendid future with intelligence, courage and honesty.

QDPL, as established since then, the company has become successful and motivated for excellence in Oil & Gas, Petro-chemical, Power, Cement, Fertilizer and Infrastructure sector. 

However, even before the establishment of “QDPL”, the founders of the company have been involved in Equipment Installation, Fabrication, Erection of piping network, Tanks and Steel structure work activities for the last two decades.

QDPL is a  construction company having distinct position in the market and very good relations with the Clients. QDPL`s main business is to do General Contractor of Mechanical & Civil Works, Equipment Manufacturing. Equipment installation, building construction, cross country pipeline, various manufacturing, installation of construction material, equipment, steel structure, crane without track, manufacturing at in site and local manufacturing of large equipment. 

QDPL has successful experience in Building construction, Equipment installation, erection. Fabrication and welding, etc. QD follows the three “Zeros”  concept i.e.

•    Zero Injury
•    Zero Accident
•    Zero life loss

And ensures the proper utilization of personal protective equipments (PPE’s) so that the encountered risk in construction could be minimized. QDPL has good relations and cooperation with the owners which is a result of Excellent coordination in all aspects such as in civil works, equipment configurations, and realizing the best project investment.

QDPL’s team of executive and engineers is highly qualified, energetic and having rich experience in construction industry “QDPL”, is also having a team of over 400 workers as well as technicians who have undergone specialize training in the field of Design. Planning, fabrication, Erection, insulation, Sandblasting and painting etc.

Timely completion of all ongoing projects always received out highest priority. “QDPL” activities have now also been extended to diversified huge projects of national significance, especially for cement, fiber, chemical, oil refinery and power generation plants with complete technical know-how.

The company is well equipped with modern tools & equipment. Moreover, the enterprises tales special pride in its latest quality control facilities to monitor record and maintain the supreme quality standards to the entire satisfaction of our valued clients. Emphasis on quality work at all stages of design. Planning and installation jobs is the hallmark of our organization for which our team enjoys enviable reputation in the public as well as private sector

QDPL Engineers have very vast experience in the installation of Equipment, Fabrication, Erection, Sand blasting, painting, etc. of several projects.

Fabrication and Erection of MS Storage tanks, Oil  Storage tanks, pipe Rack  structure piping, pumps, chillers, cooling Towers Waste water treatment plant, gas Turbine 175 MW. Turbine, Diesel Power Generator, generators, fire fighting system, Crude oil storage tanks (Floating roof type 62 meter die 06 Nos.) steel Rib/ Arch, 70 Ton , 40 TPD Boiler “H.T. Boiler Steel Structure for Pre-Heater 750 ton. 263 ft, height. Storage shed (135 meter long and 52 meter wide). Process piping, nitrogen plant piping, utility piping, air handing unit, 08 Nos. cooling water storage tanks, etc.

QDPL Engineers also have hands on experience in hydro-testing, pre-commissioning & commissioning activities, shutdown, dismantling, insulation, etc.